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JJS are looking forward to an exciting year of learning, making new friends and exploring the world that we live in ! We are sure it will be a happy and productive year!

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The Firemen, and The Fun Run

We were so excited to have the firemen come to visit us. Not only did they show us their amazing big red truck but they taught us to stop, drop and roll if ever we are caught in a fire. They showed us their awesome uniforms and we think they are brave the way they can fight fires.

IMG_0428  IMG_0449   P1070942

We had our Fun Run on Wednesday at the Shepparton lake and boy did we have a lot of fun! Tayla was the first Prep girl around the lake and Jarrod was the second Prep boy…what awesome running! We all had a great time, the sun was shining and we had a lot of Mums and Dads come to watch!P1080166  P1080193  P1080194

P1080152 P1080148 P1080215


Term 2!

Welcome Back to Term 2! This term promises to be just as busy and exciting as last Term! We started our Term with a visit to the hospital to see around the children’s ward and to learn what happens if we are ever in hospital. This coming week we look forward to a visit from the Firemen and later in the Term we will have a visit from the Ambulance. We will be learning a lot about our community!

IMG_2642    IMG_2644  IMG_2620                    IMG_2600    IMG_2591












Responsible Pets, Teddy Bear’s Picnic, Mini Beasts

What a busy and exciting week we have had in JJS. On Monday we were lucky to have Sandra and her very cute dog visit us to tell us about how to approach and deal with strange and unknown dogs. On Thursday we had our Teddy Bear’s picnic and there were many friendly bears in all the Prep rooms. We enjoyed making and eating Honey Joys and Iced Teddy bear biscuits! We also had a visit from Goulburn Valley Water on Thursday and we were able to examine some water from the lake to find all the amazing mini beasts that live in the water. This was lots of fun!                                                                                                                            IMG_0110IMG_0170IMG_0175IMG_0193IMG_0191IMG_0192IMG_0208IMG_0218

Shape Party

We had a great shape party! We had lots of creative Mums, Dads and kids who provided some delicious and cleverly shaped food!! We all looked cute in our shape hats and it was fun eating off our shape place mats!                                                                               IMG_0017IMG_0016  IMG_0025







We had Ditto come to visit us at school today. He taught us about our personal safety. We sang some songs and learnt about good feelings and bad feelings. We love Ditto!


The Crossing

Today Chris showed us how to safely cross at our school crossing. If we hear two whistles it is safe to cross. We always walk across the crossing . Thanks Chris!P1070654P1070654P1070654

Bubbly blue bears


Today we made Bubbly blue bears. It was fun making bubbles in the blue mixture. We thought our bears looked really cute!


P1070659 P1070660


Just a reminder that our Assessment days start tomorrow Wednesday February 3rd. They will run for the next six weeks starting first with Literacy then Numeracy. Please return your preference sheet as soon as possible if you have not yet done so. Thank you to the parents who have been prompt with this!


Welcome Everyone to JJS Class Blog 2016. We are looking forward to an exciting year ahead full of fun and learning!


We have been very interested in planting seeds in our class. Last week we planted some alfalfa seeds and mustard seeds. We are very eager to see them grow!

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