Mr Pooles farm

What a lovely time we had at the farm! We saw many living and non-living things and we just loved Mr Poole’s little dog Phoebe and his cat Cricket.We went on a very cool bush walk and we even saw Mrs Poole feeding the baby animals. The sun was shining and we had a wonderful morning!IMG_3445 IMG_3451 IMG_3465 IMG_3491 IMG_3512 IMG_3527 IMG_3473


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JJS are looking forward to an exciting year of learning, making new friends and exploring the world that we live in ! We are sure it will be a happy and productive year!


  1. To JJS,

    From those photos it looked liked you gus had a lot of fun. What kind of animals did you see.I hop you gus had a lot of fun? What was your most loved animals?

    From Angus.

    • Hey Angus
      We loved Mr Pooles dog called Phoebe. She was going to have babies.We loved the little pony too. We went on a big walk around the farm and the cat came too.
      From JJS

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